India Human Development Survey-II (IHDS-II), 2011-2012 Tracking and Village Files Now Available

The India Human Development Survey-II (IHDS-II), 2011-2012 collection has been updated with four additional public-use datasets and associated documentation files:

  • Tracking file: Includes information on the location of individuals from IHDS-I (2004-2005) at the time of IHDS-II.
  • Village, Village Panchayat, and Village Respondent files: Contains information about village infrastructure and wage levels, panchayat composition, and the position of individuals who responded to the village questionnaire. 1,410 village modules were completed from the universe of 1,503 villages where IHDS respondents lived.
IHDS-II files previously available for analysis include:

  • Birth History:  Gender, month and year of birth, age, and current location for children birthed to women in the Eligible Women file.
  • Eligible Women:  Gender relations, marital history, number of children birthed and maternity care for women in the household, age 15 to 49.
  • Household:  Sources of income, consumption, land ownership, and standard of living.
  • Individual:  Employment, health, morbidity, and education for individuals in the household.
  • Medical Staff:  Characteristics of staff including position, religion, sex, caste, degree, and years employed.
  • Medical Facilitates:  Facility characteristics, services provided, and medications stocked.
  • Non-Residents:  Information about non-resident family members including relationship, place of residence, marital status, education, and occupation.
  • School Staff:  Characteristics of staff including age, sex, education, religion, and jati.
  • School Facilities:  Information on physical structure, costs to attend, number of students, and management of the school.
  • Wage and Salary:  Includes occupation, industry, days worked in past year, hours worked, payment period, and rate of pay for individuals in the household.
The IHDS is a nationally representative, multi-topic panel survey of households conducted in 1503 villages and 971 urban neighborhoods across India. The IHDS series is comprised of IHDS (ICPSR 22626) and IHDS-II (ICPSR 36151).