New website for Data Sharing for Demographic Research

The Data Sharing for Demographic Research project (DSDR) has released its new website publicly. There are several new features on the website which reflect new directions for DSDR. The front page, first column, directs researchers to depositing their data and highlights those whom the DSDR project primarily serves - researchers at US population centers. The second column of the front page indicates the focus of the new directions for DSDR: the project is enhancing and building its advisory capabilities in genomic data, deductive disclosure risk, data harmonization and big data. The third column of the front page provides examples of current projects. Of particular note is the collaborative effort with the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan. DSDR will actively be seeking feedback from the research community on ways that ICPSR could improve its curation and dissemination practices and thus there is a prominent place for feedback along with an explanation of the curation and dissemination process within DSDR and the types of innovative actions being taken to enhance the process.