Outlook on Life Surveys, 2012 (ICPSR 35348)

The 2012 Outlook Surveys, conducted by GfK Knowledge Networks on behalf of the University of California Irvine, were designed to study political and social attitudes in the United States. The project included two surveys fielded between August and December 2012 using a sample from an Internet panel. A total of 2,294 respondents participated in this study during Wave 1 and 1,601 were interviewed during Wave 2. 

The target population was comprised of four groups: African American/Black males aged 18 and older, African American/Black females aged 18 and older, White/other race males aged 18 and older, and White/other race females aged 18 older, all non-institutionalized and residing in the United States. The survey considered the ways in which social class, ethnicity, marital status, feminism, religiosity, political orientation, sexual behavior, and cultural beliefs or stereotypes influence opinion and behavior. 

Participants were asked an array of questions pertaining to voting preference, party identification, respondent perception of opportunity for success, and views on interracial dating. These variables and questions examine political and social attitudes in the United States. Additional questions addressed issues such as common fate, nationalism, equality, discrimination, and relations with law enforcement. Demographic variables include race ethnicity, age, gender, religious involvement, sexual orientation, citizenship, annual income, and education.


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