Recent News from IUSSP on Demography, Demographers, and the Data Revolution

Recent news on "Demography, Demographers, and the Data Revolution" from the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) covers topics including:
  1. Data Revolution for Sustainable Development
  2. Population-related indicators proposed by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the Sustainable Development Goals
  3. Scientific panels on two topics related to the Data Revolution: Big Data and Population Processes and Innovations for Strengthening Vital Registration Systems
  4. The Cartagena Data Festival: Better Data for a Better Tomorrow, which takes place on April 20-22 in Cartagena, Columbia
  5. An invitation to attend Session 170 on Demography, Demographers and the Data Revolution for attendees of the 2015 Population Association of America's Annual Meeting in San Diego
More information can be found on the IUSSP web page here.