Survey on Research Collaboration and Data Sharing in the Social Sciences - Participation Request

Dear Official and Designated Representatives,

Below is a research request from a graduate student from an ICPSR member institution. The research is supported by National Science Foundation Award Number BCS-1244282.

While it is rare that ICPSR approves the use of our email list for such outreach, we believe that you, as part of our data community, are uniquely qualified to assist this research team in completing and or locating/encouraging scholars to participate in a survey on a topic that you have told us is evolving quickly on your campuses.

We hope that you will complete and/or forward this survey invitation as/to scholars in the social sciences and encourage participation.

Questions regarding the survey should go directly to Marieka Arksey at marksey@ucmerced.edu.

Thank you for your consideration and have a great day!


My name is Marieka Arksey and I’m writing from CHIA, the Collaborative for Historical Information and Analysis. We are in the process of designing a data repository that will differ from others that merely host individual data sets in that we will facilitate the linkage all contributed datasets into a singular and cross-searchable database. To this end, we are conducting a short survey investigating data use, creation and curation to discover how scholars in historical quantitative social sciences use data repositories in their current work and how data repositories can enable collaboration and data reuse.

The results of this study will help to shape our efforts at CHIA and form the basis of a publication aimed at highlighting both the importance and barriers of collaboration and open data sharing.

The survey is available through the following link: http://goo.gl/forms/Dxs2VBVakM.

Your response is valuable and we appreciate your taking the time to contribute.

Marieka Arksey
CHIA Graduate Student Researcher
Data Hoover Project
University of California Merced
5200 Lake Rd
Merced, CA 95343