Webinar series recordings posted for viewing

The 2014 MET LDB Spring Webinar Series is available on ICPSR's YouTube Channel:
Using the MET LDB Video Data: Access, scoring, and linking
  Recorded webinar, visit: http://bit.ly/1kl74CG

Lesli Scott, Survey Research Center, ISR

Johanna Bleckman, ICPSR, ISR

An introduction for current or future users of the MET LDB video data to the secure video player, including logistics of selecting and streaming video files, logistics of video scoring, and linking videos to the associated quantitative data.  Also discussed are the unique confidentiality concerns inherent in video data and strategies for mitigating risk. 

Random Assignment in the MET LDB: A discussion of the MET randomization process, implications for analysis, and relevant research
  Recorded webinar, visit: http://bit.ly/SohwOI

Doug Staiger, Dartmouth College (MET Project Partner)

Matthew Steinberg, University of Pennsylvania (NAEd MET Early Career Grantee)

Johanna Bleckman, ICPSR, ISR

An overview of the MET Project’s randomization process, discussion of compliance and implications for analysis, and practical tips for secondary analysis using the randomized blocks.  Also discussed are currently unanswered research questions that can be explored using these data. 

MET Early Career Grantees: Research projects underway and preliminary findings
  Recorded webinar, visit: http://bit.ly/1l5b9ut

Rachel Garret, American Institutes for Research

Bryant Jensen, Brigham Young University

Ben Kelcey, University of Cincinnati

Johanna Bleckman, ICPSR, ISR

A discussion of the diverse research projects and preliminary findings by three of the National Academy of Education’s MET Early Career Grantees. 
 +        From Practice to Performance: The Role of Observed Teacher Instruction in Student Achievement

Rachel Garrett, American Institutes for Research, with Co-PI, Matthew Steinberg, University of Pennsylvania
 +        Measuring Cultural Dimensions of Classroom Interactions

Bryant Jensen, Brigham Young University
 +        Measuring Teaching with Cross-classified Random Item Effects Item Response Models

Ben Kelcey, University of Cincinnati

Video Data Within the MET LDB: Video capture, scoring protocols,and measures used

  Recorded webinar, visit: http://bit.ly/1pG0sli
Catherine McClellan, Clowder Consulting (MET Project Partner)

Jilliam Joe, ETS (MET Project Partner)

Johanna Bleckman, ICPSR, ISR

An overview of the video capture process, along with discussion of measures and scoring protocols used as part of the original MET study.  The MET Partners who designed and directed the video scoring lead the discussion, including implications for current and future users of the video data.  

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