CMGPD Training Guide Video: The CMGPD and Other Sources

The China Multi-Generational Panel Datasets (CMGPD) Series, which is disseminated by DSDR, is a project that links historical and contemporary archival sources, social surveys, genealogies, inscriptions, and oral histories to create large individual level panel datasets extending from late imperial to contemporary China. The research emphasizes how despite recent profound political, social, and economic changes, many distinctive institutions and patterns of demographic behavior, stratification, and social mobility persist from China's imperial past.

Cameron Campbell, the PI, has added audio narration to the portions of the existing Training Guide for the study. He has created a video playlist on YouTube with narrated modules that introduce the CMGPD and compare it to other sources commonly used in the study of historical demography and quantitative social history. This playlist will be continually updated in the coming weeks to provide an audio accompaniment to the most important parts of the Training Guide.