Proxy Servers and the ICPSR Web Site

ICPSR has completed its initial testing of how well EZProxy works with out systems, and we have found that when properly configured, EZProxy works with the ICPSR Web site, save that it prevents users from logging in via Facebook or Google. (They are forced to use our MyData login instead.)

Our intention is to deploy a script that warns users if they are accessing the site via a proxy server, and gives them the option of accessing the page outside of a proxy server, or suppressing the warning and continuing in the proxy environment. By doing this, we give the user the option of using their Google/Facebook.

We would appreciate feedback from our ORs. Do you have any concerns about allowing users to opt out of proxy server access? Do you use different proxy software? Is there information ICPSR could provide that would assist you in properly configuring your proxy software?

As always, your assistance is appreciated. Please send comments to web-support@icpsr.umich.edu.