Pathways Offical Arrest Records Data Released

NAHDAP is pleased to announce the release of the next study in the Pathways to Desistance series. The new "Official Arrest Records" data file contains information from the actual arrest records obtained from court and FBI records. All 1,354 youth from the study are represented in the file. The file contains room up to 15 records of prior petitions before the youth began participating in the Pathways study. The average number of prior petitions was three for each youth. The file contains up to 24 instances of the youth being re-arrested. On average each youth had four arrests during the seven years the study was in operation. Regardless if the record was a prior petition or a re-arrest the same series of 11 variables comprised the record instance. Additional summary variables follow each section of prior petitions and re-arrests. Due to the sensitive nature of these records this study has been restricted. However, a codebook has been provided for public access so users can gain an understanding of the data file prior to applying for access to the data itself. Please visit the study home page to read more about this study and to apply for access.