ICPSR Summer Program Workshop on Blacks in the US and the Caribbean.

The ICPSR Summer Program is holding a workshop focused on survey research conducted on African-Americans and Blacks from the Caribbean.

The workshop is titled "Family Connections Across Generations and Nations: Jamaica, Guyana, and the United States."

There are two key aims of this workshop. The first is to increase awareness of the rich complex national surveys of Black Americans and Caribbean persons from Jamaica and Guyana collected by scholars affiliated with the Program for Research on Black Americans, the Institute for Social Research, the University of Michigan. The second aim it is to provide scholars with opportunities to construct their own measures of family connections and intergenerational linkages, expectations of intra-familial and intergenerational relations, and formal and informal service needs and utilization patterns.

Application: Admission to this course is through a competitive application process. Enrollment is limited to 25 participants. Applications must include a vita and a cover letter summarizing research interests, course objectives, quantitative/statistical background, and experience, as well as a completed on-line enrollment through the Program registration site. All supporting materials must be submitted electronically through the Summer Program registration Portal on each applicant's Summer Program account page.
Deadline: Applications are due by Monday, May 6, 2013.
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