HIV Stigma Study Released

On March 29th NAHDAP released both a public and restricted version of a new data file. This new study interviewed adults 50 years of age or older living in the Pacific Northwest who had previously contracted the HIV/AIDS virus. The study was sponsored by the National Institute on Mental Health and conducted by Dr. Charles Emlet of the University of Washington.

Purposive sampling was utilized to recruit 25 participants from the local AIDS service organization (ASO), county public health, infectious disease clinics, and medical centers. The participants completed a questionnaire on-site as part of a larger data collection effort. The data file contains basic demographic information to go with the CES-D (Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale) and Berger's HIV Stigma Scale (1996).

Please come visit the study's home page to learn more about this new dataset offered by NAHDAP.