New CJRP and JRFC Data Now Available!

The National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD) is pleased to announce the availability of new data for secondary analysis from the Census of Juveniles in Residential Placement (CJRP) and Juvenile Residential Facility Census (JRFC), a complement to the CJRP. The Offi­ce of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) sponsors the data collection and the archiving activities for these data collections.

The CJRP, conducted biennially since 1997, provides a detailed picture of juveniles in custody and asks juvenile residential custody facilities in the United States to describe each youth assigned a bed in the facility on the specified reference date.  The CJRP collects an individual record on each juvenile held in the facility.

The JRFC, conducted biennially since 2000, collects information on the characteristics of the facilities in the CJRP including size, structure, security arrangements, and ownership.  The JRFC also collects information on the health care, education, substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment provided to youth in these facilities.

The CJRP and JRFC contain sensitive data and access is provided at two levels:  Data Enclave and Restricted Online Analysis (RSDA). Each access level and the corresponding datasets available through them is described below.
  • Data Enclave: The Data Enclave is a secure data analysis laboratory that allows access to the original data in a controlled setting onsite at ICPSR.  Access is arranged following a completed and approved application for use of the ICPSR Data Enclave. Applications are available for download from the study home page (see Use Agreement in the Access Notes).  The following studies are available through the Data Enclave:
  • RSDA: The Restricted Survey Documentation and Analysis (RSDA) system allows remote access to the data using NACJD's online analysis system. This system allows analysis of the data without access to the microdata and limits the kinds of analysis that can be performed and output provided.  Data available for restricted online analysis include concatenated CJRP data, concatenated JRFC data and data that match the CJRP to the JRFC.  Apply for access to these data through the restricted data contract portal (a link is available via the Access Notes on each study home page).  The following studies are available through the RSDA:
    • CJRP 1997-2010 Concatenated Data (ICPSR 27541)
    • JRFC 2000-2010 Concatenated Data (ICPSR 27542)
    • CJRP and JRFC 1997-2010 Concatenated Matched Data (ICPSR 27543)
    • CJRP and JRFC 1997-2010 Concatenated Matched Facility-Level Data (ICPSR 27544)
    • CJRP and JRFC 1997-2010 Concatenated Matched State-Level Data (ICPSR 27545)
    • JRFC 2000-2010 Concatenated State-Level Data (ICPSR 27546)
Additional information about national juvenile corrections data collections sponsored by the OJJDP is available from the National Juvenile Corrections Data Resource Guide.