Announcing the Winners of the MET Early Career Research Grants

The University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research and the National Academy of Education are pleased to announce the winners of a grants competition that will provide ten early career educational researchers with access to the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Longitudinal Database. The ten winners of the MET Early Career Research Grants competition will receive $25,000 each and access to the database for one year. Winning researchers are required to prepare an article for submission to a peer-reviewed journal based on their research.
Funding is provided by the William T. Grant Foundation and the Spencer Foundation.
The grantees are:
  • Tanner LeBaron Wallace, University of Pittsburgh, School of Education
    Employing Urban Adolescent Interpretations of Instructional Practice to Distinguish Teacher Proficiency from Ceiling Effect in the Classroom Organizational Domain
  • Bryant Troy Jensen, Brigham Young University, School of Education
    Measuring Cultural Dimensions of Classroom Interactions
  • Leslie Dietiker, Boston University, School of Education
    Characteristics of Interesting Mathematics Lessons: A MET Video Study
  • Elizabeth A. Covay, Michigan State University, College of Education
    Differential Effects of Instruction on Achievement
  • Ning Rui, The Rockville Institute
    Assessing Reduction of Student Sorting Bias in Teacher Value-Added Estimates Through Experimental and Non-experimental Techniques
  • Benjamin Kelcey, Wayne State University, College of Education
    Measuring Teaching with Cross-classified Random Item Effects Item Response Models
  • Matthew P. Steinberg, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education, with Co-PI Rachel Garrett, University of Chicago
    From Practice to Performance: The Role of Observed Teacher Instruction in Student Achievement
  • Dennis Davis, University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Education and Human Development
    An In-depth Examination of Reading Comprehension Instruction in a Sample of MET Classrooms
  • Peter Halpin, with Co-PI Michael J. Kieffer, New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
    Teaching Practices to Accommodate Individual Differences in Middle School English Language Arts
  • Rachael E. Gabriel, with Co-PIs Morgaen Donaldson, Sarah Woulfin, and Kim LeChasseur, University of Connecticut, School of Education
    Levels of Interactional Focus for Teacher Evaluation: An Exploration of Contrasting Protocols for Effective ELA Instruction