Project TALENT Data (Baseline)

Project Talent is a nationally representative longitudinal study of men and women who were in high school in 1960. Project Talent began as a major national effort to assess the aspirations and abilities of America's young men and women and to assess the critical period of adjustment to adult life beginning in high school and continuing past age 30, when participants are well-launched into their chosen careers. In 1960, roughly 5 percent of American high school students participated in the Project Talent study. Approximately 440,000 students from 1,353 schools in the United States were selected to represent all 9th through 12th graders throughout the country. Project Talent participants were administered an extensive battery of tests and questions that examined students' competencies in subjects such as mathematics, science, and reading comprehension. In addition, students were asked to complete three separate questionnaires that asked about family background, personal and educational experiences, aspirations for future education and vocation, and interests in various occupations and activities. 

Project Talent is freely available at: