Sociometrics discounted subscription offer for ICPSR member institutions

ICPSR is pleased to announce that Sociometrics Corporation, a research and development firm specializing in social science research data and related products, is offering a free 30 day trial and a 50% discount on new subscriptions to their Social Science Electronic Data Library exclusively to ICPSR members.

The Social Science Electronic Data Library (SSEDL) contains more than 680 premier health and social science datasets from more than 285 studies, within 9 topically-focused data archives. These impressive collections were funded by various institutes and centers of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). Search and retrieval at the level of the individual variable by topic, type and keyword was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). While many ICPSR members have already discovered the research-based products and services offered through subscription to Sociometrics, this offer will enable those who have not, to experiment with this rich data collection during a 30 day free trial period, or have access for a whole year with minimal investment! The 50% discount will be good for the first year's subscription.

More information on the Social Science Electronic Data Library can be found on the Sociometrics Web site.

Questions? Please contact:

Josefina J. Card, PhD
President, Sociometrics Corporation
Direct Line 650-383-6278
Email jjcard@socio.com

Want pricing information or ready to sign up? We will be in touch with you.