Registration open for Consumer Expenditure Survey workshop

The Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) is hosting its 6th annual free Microdata User’s Workshop from July 27-29 in Washington, DC. Registration is now open!

Participants at the conference receive both hands-on instruction on computing results from the CE microdata, and attend presentations describing both methodology and results of recent research. Additional information on the workshop, including links to the preliminary agenda and the registration forms are available on the CE Web site.


Moving to Opportunity (MTO) data now available from ICPSR

Users may order this collection (ICPSR Study Number 31661) by completing an application to obtain the restricted data per standard ICPSR policies. Please consult the study description for further information about the application process.

Moving to Opportunity (MTO) for Fair Housing Demonstration: Interim Impacts Evaluation, Tier 1 Restricted Access Data, 1994-2001 [United States] was designed to answer questions about what happens when very poor families have the chance to move out of subsidized housing in the poorest neighborhoods of five very large American cities. MTO was a demonstration program: its approach combined tenant-based housing vouchers with location restrictions and housing counseling. MTO was also a randomized social experiment, carefully designed and rigorously implemented to test the effects of this approach on participating families. The interim evaluation included the collection of data on a wide range of outcomes that could potentially be affected by the MTO intervention. These outcomes fit into 6 study domains: (1) mobility, housing, and neighborhood, (2) adult and child physical and mental health, (3) child educational achievement, (4) youth delinquency and risky behavior, (5) adult and youth employment and earnings, and (6) household income and public assistance receipt. The restricted access data being made available through ICPSR includes many such analytic variables constructed from surveys and administrative data. The Tier 1 data also includes a census tract ID that allows researchers to link other neighborhood-level data.


New Releases through 2011-06-26

Below is a list of new data collection additions to the ICPSR data archive along with a list of released data collections that have been updated:

New Additions



2009 Treatment Episode Data Set-Admissions (TEDS-A) Released

The data and documentation files for the 2009 TEDS-A are available for download, online analysis, and Quick Tables. Updated data files with new data extracts are available for the years 2000 to 2008.

The 2009 TEDS-A report is available from the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality (CBHSQ, formerly the Office of Applied Studies).

SAMHDA plans to release an updated TEDS-A concatenated file spanning the years 1992 to 2009 in July 2011.


NAHDAP awards subcontracts for drug/alcohol abuse data

Researchers in alcohol and drug addiction and HIV/AIDS will soon have easy access to data from several important studies thanks to five subcontracts recently awarded by the National Addiction & HIV Data Archive Program (NAHDAP) through a contract with National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).
The participating studies will receive funds to process and prepare their data for public distribution through the NAHDAP Web site.
The subcontractors are:
  • the Center for Education and Drug Abuse Research (CEDAR) at the University of Pittsburgh
  • the Oregon Youth Substance Use (OYSUP) project at the Oregon Research Institute
  • the Older Drug User Study at Kennesaw State University in Georgia
  • the Enhanced Linkage of Drug Abusers to Primary Medical Care project at Boston Medical Center
  • the Archiving Two Chicago NIDA-Funded Epidemiological Surveys project at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
All of the studies were funded by NIDA and will become part of the NAHDAP archive when completed.
NAHDAP's innovative subcontracting system advances the goal of promoting the wide dissemination of research data on drug and alcohol abuse by providing financial incentives as well as training in data processing to the participating studies. Typically, data would be processed by NAHDAP staff -- under these subcontracts, staff from the participating research centers will be trained in data processing so that data from subsequent research projects can be more easily deposited with ICPSR and disseminated to the public.
At the end of the one-year subcontracts, data from each project will be posted and made available on the NAHDAP Web site.
NAHDAP's mission is to acquire, preserve and disseminate data relevant to drug addiction and HIV research. It is funded by NIDA.


Study-level utilization reports now available

ICPSR is pleased to announce the availability of utilization reports, a new tool that provides access and download statistics for every study in our archive. The reports will help researchers and funders better understand the impact of archiving their data.

The reports, available from each study’s home page by clicking on the “View Study Usage” link, show the number of unique sessions during which a user downloaded at least one file. Also available is information on how many times the data and documentation were downloaded by unique users. Information on users’ academic status (i.e., faculty, graduate student, or undergraduate, etc.) and institutions is also included, although the identities of specific users are not disclosed. The usage data in the reports are available going back three years.


New Releases through 2011-06-19

Below is a list of new data collection additions to the ICPSR data archive along with a list of released data collections that have been updated:

New Additions



ICPSR awarded Data Seal of Approval

ICPSR is one of the first six data repositories to earn the Data Seal of Approval.

Created by the Data Archiving and Networked Services archive in The Netherlands and overseen by an international board, the Data Seal of Approval is meant to demonstrate to researchers that data repositories are taking appropriate measures to ensure the long-term availability and quality of data they hold.

The seal sets forth 16 guidelines related to trustworthy data management and stewardship. The other five archives awarded the Data Seal of Approval are the Archaeology Data Service (United Kingdom); the DANS Electronic Archiving System (Netherlands); the Platform for Archiving CINES (France); the Language Archive of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (Netherlands); and the UK Data Archive.

The seal is awarded after an online self-assessment regarding a data repository’s adherence to the guidelines. The assessment is then reviewed by the DSA Board before the seal is given.

New Releases through 2011-06-12

Below is a list of new data collection additions to the ICPSR data archive along with a list of released data collections that have been updated:

New Additions



N-SSATS Data are Concatenated for the First Time

The National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS) collects annual information on the location, characteristics, services offered, and utilization of all known substance abuse treatment facilities, both public and private.

The data and documentation files for the newly created 1997 - 2009 N-SSATS Concatenated are available for download and online analysis. Data available in the N-SSATS concatenated include treatment services and modalities, operation and ownership, accreditation, and client counts. The following geographic data are included: state, county, Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) state and county codes, metropolitan statistical area (MSA), core-based statistical area (CBSA), Census region, and Census division.

Individual years of N-SSATS data can be accessed from the series home page.

Sociometrics discounted subscription offer for ICPSR member institutions

ICPSR is pleased to announce that Sociometrics Corporation, a research and development firm specializing in social science research data and related products, is offering a free 30 day trial and a 50% discount on new subscriptions to their Social Science Electronic Data Library exclusively to ICPSR members.

The Social Science Electronic Data Library (SSEDL) contains more than 680 premier health and social science datasets from more than 285 studies, within 9 topically-focused data archives. These impressive collections were funded by various institutes and centers of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). Search and retrieval at the level of the individual variable by topic, type and keyword was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). While many ICPSR members have already discovered the research-based products and services offered through subscription to Sociometrics, this offer will enable those who have not, to experiment with this rich data collection during a 30 day free trial period, or have access for a whole year with minimal investment! The 50% discount will be good for the first year's subscription.

More information on the Social Science Electronic Data Library can be found on the Sociometrics Web site.

Questions? Please contact:

Josefina J. Card, PhD
President, Sociometrics Corporation
Direct Line 650-383-6278
Email jjcard@socio.com

Want pricing information or ready to sign up? We will be in touch with you.


New Releases through 2011-06-05

Below is a list of new data collection additions to the ICPSR data archive along with a list of released data collections that have been updated:

New Additions



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