A reminder about proxy servers

ICPSR does not support proxy servers. Please do not use proxy servers when directing users to our site. Because our Web site uses cookies to manage authentication, the intrusion of a proxy server can prevent users from successfully logging in and downloading data. Links to ICPSR should point to:




Or anything along those lines.

Over the past few months, we've received reports of users unable to login; these problems have almost entirely been due to access via a proxy server, and have been resolved by sending the users directly to the ICPSR Web site.

We'd also like to point out that although ICPSR uses IP-based authentication, we also flag accounts as being part of the consortium. Flagged accounts can download from anywhere for six months after their last on-campus login. Thus proxy servers are not needed for off-campus access. End users merely need to log on from a campus computer once per semester.

Proxy servers are also unnecessary for reporting campus utilization of ICPSR resources. ICPSR provide its own reporting utilities on the OR site, and our utilities include off-campus downloads in the reports.

If you have a link to ICPSR on your Web site that directs users through a proxy server, please update the link to go directly to ICPSR, so that your users will be able to successfully download data.