2008 Treatment Episode Data Set - Discharges (TEDS-D)

The data and documentation files for the 2008 TEDS-D are available for download, online analysis, and Quick Tables. Updated data files with new data extracts are available for 2006 and 2007.

SAMHDA has also released a new 2006-2008 TEDS-D Concatenated File that is available for download, online analysis, and Quick Tables.

The 2008 TEDS-D report is available from the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality (CBHSQ, formerly the Office of Applied Studies).

Webinar on new search capabilities available for viewing

ICPSR’s webinar on our new search engine is now *available* (WMV, 34.5 MB) for viewing. *Slides* (PPT, 3.1 MB) are also available.

The webinar gives an overview of the new search capabilities available on the ICPSR Web site. The new search contains several improvements, including the ability to better refine search results, and to search through the text of study documentation and variables. The session is presented by Matthew Richardson of ICPSR’s Web team.

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2011 Research Paper Competition winners announced

ICPSR is pleased to announce the winners of our 2011 Research Paper Competitions.

Tommaso Pavone won the first-place award in the Undergraduate Competition with his paper “Do More Parties Make for Happier Voters?” Pavone, a student at the University of Michigan, conducted a cross-national analysis of public opinion data from 36 democracies to study whether more political parties correlates to higher voter satisfaction.

The second-place undergraduate winner was Erin McMichael of California State University - Northridge, whose paper is titled “External versus Internal Motivators as Predictors for LGBTQ-Directed Bullying Behavior in Adolescents.”

Sayon Deb of Boston University won first place in the Master’s Competition with his paper “The Long Term Effects of Colonial Land Tenure: Micro Evidence from India.” The paper uses household survey data from India to examine the impact of historic land tenure institutions on economic and social outcomes for households today.

Douglas Rice of Pennsylvania State University won second place in the Master's Competition for his paper “The Impact of Supreme Court Activity on the Judicial Agenda: Calling to Action or Settling the Law”.

The winner of the Resource Center for Minority Data Paper Competition was Whitney Boyer of Washington University in St. Louis for the paper titled “Educational Outcomes for Latino Immigrants in Los Angeles County: The Importance of Gender, Immigrant Generation, and Mother's Educational Level”.

The first-place winners received $1,000; the second-place prize is $750. All the papers used data from the ICPSR or RCMD archive.

ICPSR is holding three competitions this year:

  • The ICPSR Research Paper Competition, for analyses on any topic using data from the ICPSR *General Archive* or *Thematic Collections*.
  • The IFSS Research Paper Competition, for analyses on any topic using data from the Integrated Fertility Survey Series.
  • The RCMD Research Paper Competition, for analyses on issues relating to minorities in the United States, including immigrants, using data from the Resource Center for Minority Data.

All competitions are open to undergraduate and master’s students, and recent graduates. See the competition Web site for details. Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2012.

Integrated Fertility Survey Series (IFSS) announces third data release and new variable filters

The Integrated Fertility Survey Series (IFSS) project at ICPSR is pleased to announce the release of its third harmonized dataset, adding pregnancy summary variables and variables related to adoption and non-biological children to previously harmonized sociodemographic and union history variables. The dataset combines information from 10 surveys and over 71,000 respondents spanning 1955 to 2002 into harmonized variables for easy analysis.

We have also updated the Harmonized Data Extracts page, adding the option to filter the variables by availability in multiple years, by variable group, and by search terms.

The third release data are available for download on the Data and Documentation page, can be explored and extracted from the Harmonized Data Extracts page, and can be analyzed online using SDA.

Please note that all IFSS data releases are beta versions provided for users to begin using the data before the final version is released in late 2012. As such, they are subject to change and may contain small inconsistencies. If you notice any problems with the data, please contact the IFSS team at IFSSGroup@umich.edu so that we may fix them.


New Releases through 2011-04-24

Below is a list of new data collection additions to the ICPSR data archive along with a list of released data collections that have been updated:

New Additions



ICPSR data used in New York Times blog

Writing in the New York Times’ Economix blog, Harvard professor Edward L. Glaeser uses data from ICPSR in an analysis of the relationship between jobs, training, and the climate of counties throughout the U.S.

Glaeser cites ICPSR Study 2896, Historical, Demographic, Economic and Social Data: The United States 1790-2002 by principal investigator Michael Haines. The data include mean monthly temperatures for various locations, which Glaeser correlates to population growth and job skills.

Glaeser describes a "longstanding pattern" in which skills are connected to population growth, and warmer areas (using mean January temperature as the measure) see more rapid population growth.


New Releases through 2011-04-17

Below is a list of new data collection additions to the ICPSR data archive along with a list of released data collections that have been updated:

New Additions


International Archive of Education Data taken down

Several years ago ICPSR discontinued support for the International Archive of Education Data (IAED) Web site. The site was sponsored through a contract with the National Center for Education Statistics which was not renewed. All ICPSR data collections included in this site are still available to the membership (via the ICPSR Web site) and we will continue to respond to user questions about these data.



The 2008 Treatment Episodes Dataset-Discharges (TEDS-D) data and documentation files will be made publicly available in spring 2011 in conjunction with the release of the 2008 Discharges from Substance Abuse Treatment Services report, produced by the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality (CBHSQ, formerly the Office of Applied Studies).

The 2009 TEDS-Admissions (TEDS-A) files are also anticipated to be released in spring 2011.

Webinar on the updated ICPSR search engine

Join us for a Webinar on April 27!

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This webinar will focus on changes to the ICPSR search engine, which now searches the full text of the documentation (including questions/variables), and how faceted searching makes it easier to narrow down large result sets.

Title: The Updated ICPSR Search Engine - improved search for better results!

Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

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New Article

Jim Oeppen used the recently released CMGPD-LN in his paper, Decomposing the Evolution of Frailty in the China Multi-Generational Panel Dataset, 1749-1909, presented at the annual conference of the Population Association of America, Washington, D.C. http://paa2011.princeton.edu/papers/112204


New Releases through 2011-04-10

Below is a list of new data collection additions to the ICPSR data archive along with a list of released data collections that have been updated:

New Additions



Center Director Blogs about LGBT IOM Report in Huffington Post

Center Director Judith Bradford recently blogged at the Huffington Post about the Institute of Medicine's ground-breaking report "The Health of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People: Building a Foundation for Better Understanding" released on March 31, 2011. Dr. Bradford was one of 17 members who sat on the IOM Committee tasked with writing the report. Several other scientists affiliated with the Center for Population Research in LGBT Health sat on the committee, including: Walter Bockting, Brian de Vries, Robert Garofalo, Harvey Makadon, Charlotte Patterson and Mark Schuster.
Learn more about the report at The Fenway Institute. You can read the full report at the IOM.


2011 Summer Institute in LGBT Health: Applications Due April 18

We'll be hosting the 2011 Summer Institute in LGBT Population Health in Boston, Massachusetts from July 18-August 12. Apply to join us for a month of hands-on learning in our data analysis course, our seminar in LGBT health and social life, and our data lab. Work on your own independent data analysis project towards the publication of an empirical research paper. You're eligible to apply if you are a current doctoral or Masters student or a recent postdoc and applications are due April 18, 2011. Click here for more information!


NCAA March Madness excitement

Congratulations to the University of Connecticut Men's Basketball team and the Texas A&M Women's Basketball team for winning the Division I championships. Did watching the games generate new research questions? RCMD has data on NCAA student athletes.

The data is: NCAA Division I Academic Progress Rate, 2009.

Come to the RCMD site and check out all we have to offer.


Add Health Wave IV public data available

The Data Sharing for Demographic Research project at ICPSR is proud to announce the release of the Add Health Wave IV public data.

Wave IV consists of data from the most recent of four in-home interviews which have followed a nationally representative sample of adolescents since they were in grades 7-12 during the 1994-195 school year. The Wave IV interviews were completed in 2008, when the sample was aged 24-32. The study combines longitudinal survey data on respondents' social, economic, psychological, and physical well-being with data on the family, neighborhood, community, school, friendships, peer groups, and romantic relationships.

Add Health has been one of the most downloaded datasets from ICPSR.

The Wave IV public data is available for download under Study #21600.


New Releases through 2011-04-03

Below is a list of new data collection additions to the ICPSR data archive along with a list of released data collections that have been updated:

New Additions