Integrated search now available

On Monday, February 7, ICPSR deployed a new version of the traditional study search, which we're calling the integrated search. This new search queries not just our study-level metadata records, but also the variables in the data, citations for related literature, and the full text of the documentation files.

Users are likely to find that the top ten to twenty results will be more targeted and useful. Furthermore, queries that previously returned no results may now return some hits, as matches can be found in the variable text. In general the new integrated search will return more results.

To facilitate managing the larger result sets, ICPSR has added a few new functions to the study results page:

  • We've added links that automatically take you to the first and last pages of your result set.

  • You can now choose to display 50 or 100 results per page.

  • The right column of each result will now provide additional information if you sort by release date, number of downloads, or number of citations.

  • The time period facet has been modified so that users can simply enter a start year and an end year.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at web-support@icpsr.umich.edu.