ICPSR releases data on NCAA graduation rates

ICPSR is pleased to announce the release of the NCAA Division I and II Graduation Success Rate, 1995-2002 dataset.

The release is the second from ICPSR’s NCAA Student-Athlete Experiences Data Archive, established in 2010 to make data available to the public that has been collected by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The NCAA’s goal in providing the data is to help answer research questions posed by college presidents, athletics personnel, faculty, student-athlete groups, the media, and others in the higher-education community.

Traditionally, data on graduation rates and academic achievement for student-athletes have been released each year. Packaging several years of data together helps foster multiple types of analysis that were previously more difficult.

The newly released dataset contains measurements of federally defined graduation rates; Division I Graduation Success Rates (GSR) for student-athletes who transfer in to a given institution, discounting those who separate from that institution who would have been academically ineligible if they had returned; and Division II Academic Success Rates (ASR), which is identical to GSR except that it also includes freshmen who did not receive athletic aid but participated in athletics.

The federal and NCAA measures of academic success for student-athletes are presented side-by-side with similar data for the student body as a whole to aid in analytic comparisons within and across each population.

The first dataset released by the Student-Athlete Experiences Data Archive was the NCAA Division I Academic Progress Rate, 2009.

The NCAA expects to release more data through the ICPSR archive in the near future.