ICPSR and Renmin University in Beijing sign partnership agreement

ICPSR is pleased to announce a partnership with Renmin University of China in Beijing.

Under an agreement signed Jan. 20, Renmin University will become a hub for distributing ICPSR data and services to other institutions in China. ICPSR will also help Renmin University to develop user support capabilities for Chinese-speaking data users.

“Developing a relationship with Renmin University is very important to us,” said ICPSR acting director George Alter. “We strongly support their efforts to encourage the social sciences in China, and to build data archiving and analysis facilities for Chinese researchers.”

Professor Yuan Wei, senior vice president of Renmin University and director of its National Survey Research Center, said there is a new emphasis on dissemination of research data in China.

“The social sciences and natural sciences pay more and more attention to data,” he said, adding that there is a growing sense that research data should be available to the public.

The agreement with Renmin University is in addition to other ICPSR members in China and Hong Kong, including a federation coordinated by Beijing University.