Collins takes over as IFSS project manager

Emily Gray Collins has been appointed the new project manager for the Integrated Fertility Survey Series project at ICPSR, taking over from Christopher Ward.

She will lead the next stages of the IFSS project, continuing the process of harmonizing data from 10 independent surveys on fertility and family issues taken over five decades.

“I’m truly excited to be part of this historic effort to provide a unique, readily accessible, and easy to use collection of data on fertility and the family that allows users of all skill levels to study changes in family life over the last 50 years,” Collins said. “IFSS will be a valuable resource for the research community for years to come.”

Collins’ research has focused on fertility issues including current work on the effects of the 1965 Supreme Court case Griswold v. Connecticut, which overturned a law against contraceptive use by married couples, and the affordability and use of the birth control pill using evidence from the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.

Collins holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematical economic analysis and computational and applied mathematics from Rice University; a general course certificate from the London School of Economics; and master’s degrees in industrial and operations engineering and in economics from the University of Michigan. She is a Ph.D. candidate in economics at U-M.

Collins can be reached at emgray@umich.edu.